• "Thank you for all the support, encouragement and faith you've had in me. Without everyone at Eureka it wouldn't have been possible for me to get my 'A'. I can't thank you enough." - Fatima
  • "I like playing games on the computer and doing maths. I have learned how to do algebra and the perimeter and area of something in maths. It has helped me so I do not get stuck with most of my work and helped me get merits and to put my hand up a lot more at school." - Ruby
  • "I like the friendly and professional approach to learning by the tutors. I have improved on word problems, fractions and decimals. I have higher marks at school and it has improved my confidence." - Jasin
  • "Thank you for helping me with my English and making me more confident at spelling and reading." - Bethany
  • "I like my teacher and the computer games. I have learned how to read and I have moved up in my reading. My confidence is growing." - Eve
  • "I have learned basic lessons of maths, which has helped in school. I have achieved good results in fractions and mental maths. I have more confidence in answering questions and got 60/60 in a European Championship in maths at school." - Jeswin
  • "I like the tutor, the work and the fun of the games. I have learned about fractions, decimals, how to add and subtract better. I have moved up two groups in maths. I have more confidence and it has made me brighter." - Jessica
  • "I like going on the computers. I have learned a lot and my writing is getting better. I now get top marks in spelling and I put my hand up to answer questions. It has given me confidence and I enjoy all my subjects at school now." - Kayden
  • "Hilary is very nice and kind to me. I think she is a very good teacher. She explains things so I can understand. I have learnt lots of Maths. It has helped me lots at school and I enjoy maths." - Charlie
  • "I like coming because I love doing all of the stuff on the computer. I have learned to spell different words like 'expensive'. It's made me more confident in my work and made me think harder and harder. I'm in a better level in my English." - Jennifer
  • "I enjoy working on the computers, especially the games. Hilary is always nice and friendly and helps me out a lot. It has given me confidence and showed me that I can do spelling." - George
  • "Coming to Eureka is helping me to read much more easily and this is helping me in school. It helps with handwriting and I'm finding it easier to spell words correctly." - Georgia
  • "I think my tutor is really friendly and nice and she gives me a lot of support in maths. It has helped me get higher marks in tests and it has given me lots of confidence." - Yasmin
  • "I like going because I learn a lot. My tutor is Gloria and I like her very much. She explains everything clearly and never rushes me. I have become more confident in literacy and have moved up to the top group at school." - Sally





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