Our scholarship entitles one student to a full term’s weekly tuition in English or maths, at absolutely no cost. Between April 2007 and July 2011, before changing to Eureka Tuition, we had given a scholarship to 12 Chorley primary schools.

Spring Term 2013

Nathan from Rivington Primary School. Mrs Liz Case, headteacher.

Summer Term 2012

Jack from Woodlea Junior School in Leyland. His teacher, Miss Jenna Green.

Autumn Term 2011

Scott from St George's CE Primary School. Mr Andy Purcell, headteacher.

Autumn Term 2012

Mollie from Moss Side Primary School in Leyland. Mrs Janis Burdin, headteacher.

Spring Term 2012

Natalia from Withnell Fold Primary School. Mrs Sara Moreton, headteacher:

What parents say

"Thank you so much for your help with Mollie in her maths tuition. We know she will have gained a lot of confidence and understanding in this subject." - Mollie’s parents

"Natalia has blossomed and gained confidence whilst attending your lessons and I am very grateful for the help and guidance you have given her and I will happily recommend your services in the future." - Natalia's mother

"Thank you for awarding Scott a scholarship. His handwriting has improved and he has gained more confidence in spelling." - Scott’s parents

What students say

"Thank you for the opportunity to improve my maths and my confidence. I've really enjoyed coming every Saturday morning." - Jack

What heads say

"I was very pleased to be able to secure a Eureka Tuition scholarship for one of my pupils. It was awarded to a child who had lost confidence in her maths ability and was struggling in a class of 37. The tuition is helping her regain that confidence and has improved her maths ability....I would recommend it to other heads." - Mrs Burdin, Moss Side Primary

"Applying for a Eureka Tuition scholarship was a simple and straightforward process. The tuition provided by Eureka has helped our pupil gain more confidence in the subject and has provided her with some resilience when tackling new challenges." - Mrs Moreton, Withnell Fold Primary

"Not only did the Eureka Tuition scholarship benefit the child from a confidence and educational point of view, it was incredibly simple to manage and organise from a school’s point of view. The staff from Eureka Tuition were professional and very willing to work with the school, the child and their family." - Mr Purcell, St George's CE Primary

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