A child's confidence increases dramatically, when concepts struggled with at school suddenly click, overcoming limiting beliefs, such as 'I can't spell' or 'I can't do maths'. That's when our tutors hear the phrases - "aha!", "I get it now!", "I can do that!", "that's how it's done!" or "that's what it means!". Those are "Eureka moments"!

If you think your child is falling behind at school, or you just feel he or she could be extended further, then you may be considering tuition. How do you find tutors who can inspire and motivate your child, whether he or she is struggling or excelling at school?

We provide a safe and focussed learning environment in Chorley town centre, where all students have their own individual study programme. We specialise in English and maths tutoring, for children aged 5 upwards. All our tutors are fully qualified teachers. Our tuition is:

Confidence-building for children


"...It's made me more confident in my work..." - Jennifer

Recommended by parents


"...She has grown in so many ways, but most importantly in confidence." - Bethany's parents

Endorsed by local schools

Mrs Moreton and Natalia

"...The tuition provided by Eureka has helped our pupil gain more confidence... " - Mrs Moreton, Withnell Fold Primary


Throughout our website are snippets of testimonials from parents and students.

"...Education is not just about exam results, it's about building self esteem for the future and you have certainly made my son believe in himself more than I could have once imagined. Thank you." - Matthew's mother

"...Without everyone at Eureka it wouldn't have been possible for me to get my 'A'..." - Fatima

1 - FREE educational assessment

Your child's success with us begins with a free, no obligation educational assessment >>>

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2 - Individual learning programme

This sets the starting level and scope of the individual programme we design for each child >>>.

Call us: 01257 266777.

3 - Qualified, experienced teachers

Enthusiastic, qualified teachers use proven methods in a positive learning environment.

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