Will it be like school?

Like all good schools, we employ enthusiastic, fully qualified, experienced teachers; but our teachers will be working individually with up to four children.

Children benefit from the presence of other students in a warm and friendly atmosphere, not feeling intimidated or restricted by large classes at school. Our centre is far removed from a normal classroom, so children feel positive about getting something very different than 'more school'.

No two tuition programmes are the same, so each child is focused on learning exactly what he or she needs to learn. Progress is at the students’ own pace, so they will not be bored being held at the pace of other children, nor overwhelmed by feeling they are out of their depth.

Who else will be there?

We cater for children aged 5 upwards, of all abilities. Our tutors are matched with students who require their specialist expertise and work individually with up to four children. This limits the intimidation of a teacher constantly looking over their shoulders; which occurs in a 1-to-1 adult/student setting.

As all the children in the centre are working on their own individual programmes, competition between them is eliminated; and so is the fear of failure. Children can be themselves, away from the peer pressure of their school friends.

Each child will quickly appreciate that they are not alone in their need for extra support and tutoring. This is a great confidence-builder for children, especially for those who may have begun to feel isolated, if struggling to understand a certain subject.

Will it be hard?

Not all children find learning to read easy. Others get frustrated because they can't spell. Many children really struggle to understand certain concepts in maths; and in a class of 20+ children, it is easy to fall behind.

If children then develop limiting beliefs, such as 'I can't spell' or 'I can't do maths', they may quickly lose self-confidence. As a result, many stop trying for fear of making a mistake; or even worse, stop asking for help at school, for fear of looking 'stupid' to their classmates.

Our programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. In a supportive environment, students are encouraged to allow themselves mistakes, in order to understand a subject they may be struggling with.

What will I be doing?

A session lasts 80 minutes and involves 5 - 6 activities, alternating between computer, workbook and teacher. Each child will have an individual programme of study and progress at their own pace, with up to three other children per tutor.

In English, the programme may focus on reading, spelling, comprehension, writing or grammar, depending on the particular needs of each child. In maths, it may include tables, fractions, decimals, percentages, problems or algebra.

Students' confidence increases dramatically, when concepts struggled with at school suddenly click, overcoming limiting beliefs, such as 'I can't spell' or 'I can't do maths'. Those are "Eureka moments"!

Will I enjoy the lessons?

From the moment students walk into our centre, there are clear messages given to them; this is a place where we can learn and where it is fun to learn.

Frustrated or bored children are not receptive to learning, so at Eureka Tuition the learning is varied and active. Students enjoy the individual attention, the supportive tutor, the graded programme and the computer. Learning is at their own pace, so children enjoy it.

We emphasise the positive aspects of every child so that failure is eliminated. Children are focused when they attend, because achievement is there for them all. When students experience success in learning new things in English or maths, they also learn something new about themselves and their confidence increases dramatically. This achievement is not only rewarding; it’s fun!

Will there be more homework?

Homework is an essential part of each student's individual programme, particularly in reading. It is given each week, to reinforce or extend what students have been taught at the centre.

The homework is not time-consuming and is expected to take no more than 20 - 30 minutes at the most. The amount is carefully monitored, dependent upon the student’s needs and the amount given by their school.

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What students say

"I like the friendly and professional approach to learning by the tutors..." - Jasin

"I have learned basic lessons of maths, which has helped in school. I have achieved good results in fractions and mental maths..." - Jeswin

"I like the tutor, the work and the fun of the games..." - Jessica

"I enjoy working on the computers, especially the games. Hilary is always nice and friendly and helps me out a lot..." - George

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