There are many reasons why Eureka Tuition produces so many outstanding results for children wanting to improve in English and/or maths. Below are three key ones.

Jenson - our first 'Infant Star Student', September 2011

Individual learning programme

We offer a FREE, no-obligation educational assessment for each child. This is a very friendly event, providing a thorough, professional and honest appraisal of the child's needs. From this we develop an individually tailored programme, designed to give each student the motivation to succeed. Progress is at the students' own pace, so they are never overwhelmed.


Safe, focused learning environment

We create a positive learning environment to boost students' confidence. The centre is fully equipped with curriculum resources and computers, to support learning. From the moment children walk into our centre they realise that this is a place where it is fun to learn. They can look forward to "Eureka moments".


Gloria and Stephanie

Fully qualified, experienced teachers

We employ only qualified teachers who have professional knowledge and experience of the UK education system and curriculum. Each teacher works individually with up to four children and teaches in 80 minute sessions, with a variety of activities. Our tutors emphasise the positive aspects of every student and give them targeted, small homework activities to reinforce learning.

What parents say

"...His confidence is brilliant and he is not afraid of doing any reading or writing. I thank Hilary for doing a great job. Kayden is a different little boy, happy and nothing will stop him from wanting to learn more..." - Kayden’s mother

"Jeswin's improvements in maths lessons have made him better in his class..." - Jeswin's parents

"Georgia's reading has improved greatly since attending the sessions..." - Georgia’s mother

What students say

"...I have improved on word problems, fractions and decimals. I have higher marks at school and it has improved my confidence." - Jasin

"Coming to Eureka is helping me to read much more easily and this is helping me in school..." - Georgia

1 - FREE educational assessment

Your child's success with us begins with a free, no-obligation educational assessment >>>

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2 - Individual learning programme

This sets the starting level and scope of the individual programme we design for each child >>>.

Call us: 01257 266777.

3 - Qualified, experienced teachers

Enthusiastic, qualified teachers use proven methods in a positive learning environment.

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